Horus Esports CS:GO at Dreamhack Winter Jonkoping 2018

by Joshua Martin | December 07, 2018

The HorusSWE boys made their way down to Jonkoping last weekend to compete in the Dreamhack Winter 2018 BYOC tournament.

The tournament was a double elimination bracket so there wasn’t a huge margin for error, however, the team was feeling very confident after a great season of ESEA open finishing 14-2 in the main season and 2-1 post season giving them an overall 16-32nd placement comfortably qualifying them for intermediate next season.

Horus breezed through their first 3 matches taking solid scoreline victories against Aiimett, LBS Svart, and slasspalan, this put them into the main bracket semi-finals against “Playz” a 5 man Swedish mix of well-known players in the Swedish scene such as Frisell, Bennan, Twecy, Exec, Excella. The match was to be played on de_inferno, a map that the boys were fairly confident with and quite well practiced on. The winner of this match would advance to the upper bracket finals and be guaranteed a 3rd place finish ($1000 prize money).

The first half on CT side was incredibly close ending 6-9 after a couple of unfortunate clutch situations late in the half didn’t go in our favor, going into the second half the boys destroyed the pistol round which allowed them to level the scoreline out to 9-9. On round 19 Playz could finally afford to fully buy and completely shut down the Horus execute, after this round their crossfires and site holds were absolutely solid throughout the rest of the game and Horus really struggled to gain any map control, this lead to them being completely steamrolled and losing the game 16-9.

Unfortunately this meant that we were now down in the losers bracket round 6 where we had to beat Feenix (one of the strongest AM teams in Sweden) to advance and secure that guaranteed 3rd place or above finish.

The match against Feenix was to be played on de_Overpass, the boys knew that this would be an incredibly hard game but they went into it with their head held high. They really struggled to take any control in the first few rounds which lead to them going down 8-1 however they managed to pull back a few rounds and ended the half 11-4, this is a very difficult score line to come back from and pistol round was a very important round to win in order to pull it back, unfortunately they lost the pistol round and ended up losing the game 16-9, it was a respectable scoreline against such a high caliber team but unfortunately this loss ended our tournament run giving us an overall 5th place finish.

We are very happy with this result and are proud of the teams for their great performances throughout the weekend, they will now head home and get practicing for ESEA season 30, Birdie LAN and Dreamhack Rotterdam next year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported us before, during and after the event online or at the venue in Jonkoping.

Dec 02, 2018

Joshua Martin Esports

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