Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Roster Acquired

by Joshua Martin | August 06, 2019

Today we are proud to announce the arrival of our lastest roster! Over the past few years, these players have competed alongside some of the best, attended countless LAN events and competitions. So today we welcome the newest addition to Horus, our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster!

The roster consists of Martin "dupi" Hedman, Johan "Hype" Engblom, Josef "no1" Söderlind, Robert "dolkenn" Wennerlund and Noah "nauz" Lévai.

Dupi will be competing as the second entry fragger. He has played multiple seasons of ESEA Main (5) with excellent on-paper statistics. He is also playing in Swedish Pro League division 1 against some of the best players in Sweden. His achievements are 3rd-4th King of Nordic S14E07.

Hype has joined Horus as the main AWPer. From what we have seen he is one of the best players at his calibre, amazing with both the AWP and rifle a very smart player. He's also played multiple seasons of ESEA Main (4) exceptional statistics. His achievements are 3rd-4th King of Nordic S14E07.

No1 will be filling the support/lurk role for Horus. He is known to sacrifice himself to set up the rest of the players for frags and executes, an excellent trait of an amazing support player. He has also played multiple seasons of ESEA Main (4). His achievements are 3rd-4th King of Nordic S14E07. Copenhagen Games 4th in group 3.

Dolkenn is one of the more recent pick-ups, he's a very experienced player who's played since Counter-Strike: 1.6. For this reason, he competes as the in-game leader. Since his arrival, the roster says he's impressed them a lot since joining and they're sure with him leading the way they can get very far. Dolkenn's achievements are: 2nd SveCup Norrköping Online Qualifier, the roster he competed with was comprised of pronax, Blanke, chooki and walkejno. 3rd-4th Dreamhack Winter 2012 BYOC with maxie, alucard, dnb and coolha. 3rd-4th Dreamhack Winter 2013 BYOC with dnb, ArtyKiller, lagerqvist and careless. 4th SveCup Norrköping with zonie, lurkz, nibble and Chooki. 8th-16th NLAN Norrköping with zonie, lurkz, nibble and Chooki.

Nauz is the other recent addition. He's playing as the entry fragger within the lineup, he has great aim and not afraid to go in first and make plays, he can also pick up the AWP from time to time. Used to play for Singularity Academy. His achievements are 5th-8th King of Nordic S14E05, Yalla Cup, 9th-16th, Copenhagen Games qualifier playoffs. 2nd place at Gank Zone, Quickfire - The Hotshot Series #3 3rd-4th, BirdeLan 28 5th-8th and Fragleague 2019 - Division 1 4th.

Upon the proposal of the roster, this is what our Head of Esports had to say about them. "The core three have had excellent results in the past (playoffs in ESEA Main and phenomenal performance in the King of Nordic qualifier). I feel they will improve drastically with the recent pickups of an aggressive and very skilled entry fragger, Nauz and an experienced IGL, Dolken who have played the game since 1.6 and IGLed since back then."

So, welcome to the roster!

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