• Chris 'WSTRN' Hodeib




    Lewis started his competitive Rainbow Six Siege PC career back in 2017 during operation black ice. known as having more of a agressive playstyle combined with his pinpoint aim and inhuman reactions kxca regularly finds himself making the highlight reel for his huge impact plays.

  • Harry "TURTLE" Garland


    Turtle started playing video games on his PS2 when he was around 8 years old. This gave him the love and passion that he has for video games, which developed further when he got an Xbox 360. He then transitioned onto PC where he started playing Dayz and getting invested in a streamer called 'TehJamJar'. One day he was giving away a copy of Rainbow Six: Siege, which Tutle ended up winning. Since then he has put 1,087 hours into the game and followed the competitive scene since the year 1, season 1. Previously he has played for MnM gaming, during his time there they went to the UK Premiership second season LAN Finals and placed 3rd. He then moved to Horus eSports where he played at EpicLAN #26 and placed 3rd in the competition. "I am very happy with how far I have come from playing on my PS2 back in the day to playing in LAN tournaments for competitive organisations and I am aiming higher everyday."


  • PX

  • IV



  • Stefan "OMERTA" Saltalamacchia


    Growing up I had a keen interest in sports especially football and taekwondo which I later started to coach. By age 20 I decided that coaching was to be my career and in turn I pursued an applied sports coaching and sport science degree. The aim was to start my own business coaching taekwondo, but unfortunately life got in the way and I had to leave university in my final year. Having only a foundation degree I decided to stop coaching and change career paths entirely. Throughout my life I have always been an avid gamer starting at a young age playing PC games with my father, then moving into my teens where I progressed into more console FPS titles especially both the Halo and COD series of games. Since dropping from university I started to become more interested in strategy based games finding the tactical elements within the genre both fascinating and stimulating. Upon the release of R6 Siege I was instantly hooked by the crisp gun play, strategic elements and tactical team play focus. Over the past three years I have played practically nothing but R6 playing initially on xbox I managed to achieve multiple cup wins. As a player I specialised as both a support player and in game leader where I built a solid reputation within the community. Recently I decided to move platforms to pc seeking both a greater level of competition and challenge. I found the transition difficult at first as I was mechanically unable to play to the same high standard I could on console, this was due to the change in both peripherals and higher standard of gun play on PC. However This directed me more into coaching roles which re ignited my old passion from university. Within the first week of moving to pc I became the head coach for Pro Legion Gaming's R6S team whom I refined my coaching style with and gained valuable experience before moving full time to Horus eSports as head coach and analyst. After attending EPIC LAN 26 I decided to stop playing competitive siege in order to fully dedicate myself to professional coaching and analysis work.



    Fresh is a qualified accountant with a keen interest in esports. He looks after the tax affairs of many UK based content creators, shoutcasters and other esports professionals. Brought up playing games such as Half Life, Team Fortress and Counter Strike - he has always had an interest in games and esports - playing his first counter strike: source clan 'scrim' in 2005. Yikes. Fresh is a self proclaimed spreadsheet nerd, which is very useful as he analyses round by round data for the team based upon 80+ different variables every round in order to add value and feedback to the team.



    Ben started playing games fairly late at around the age of 8 after his parents bought him Rome: Total War for his dads laptop. This caused him to delve deeper into gaming, starting with FPS' such as World at War and Modern Warfare 2. He took interest in the Rainbow 6 Pro League in Y1S1 before starting playing in Y1S2 on PS4. After 3 years of playing in small scale leagues and tournaments on PS4 he made the switch to PC in February 2019. He was picked up by Peak in March 2019, acting as their analyst before and during Epic27. Horus picked up Weaver in June 2019 to work with the team and help them achieve their goals in Prem and CL.

  • FZIK


    Fzik is from the UK and is the manager for Horus Esports