• Sam ‘Hawk’ Hellier

    Twitch Streamer

    25 years old from Bournemouth. Gaming has always been the place I’m happiest, started off with Pokemon Silver on the GameBoy Colour when I was a kid. My first look into FPS was Call of Duty Modern Warfare and I have played every COD ever since on the PlayStation and Xbox, moved to PC last year in 2018 and started to play siege now and again. Then PC upgrades came in 2019 and I really started enjoying Siege and slowly getting better and better and now I’m a content creator for Horus eSports! #WeAreHorus Catch me live on twitch.tv/Hawk_94 on Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays and Sundays and let’s enjoy some games

  • Lonnie "Top Shagger" Lightning

    Twitch Superstar

    Besides from the regular day of destroying the weak on Rainbow Six Siege - Lonnie is a ex Navy Veteran of 6 years turned professional gamer after going undefeated in the Thunderdome! He is relatively new to the gaming scene and his superstar personality is blasting him to the top! Not only is he remarkable at R6, he played at a professional-like level in CS:GO and League of Legends. There is no stopping this man, he is incredible! He also enjoys RPGs and the occasional fighting game, but this sex symbol can do anything. With his new sponsor by HorusESPORTS, he will soon be the most viewed, most subscribed superstar in the universe, and that's just the beginning!

  • Ali 'Tu Strong' AH

    Twitch Streamer


  • Anthony 'Milk' Hughes

    Twitch Streamer

    Anthony is a 21 year old, recently graduated with BSc in Policing, Upper Second Class Honours. Rainbow Six: Siege player for Brutal Base, stream for Horus Esports. He has been in love with videogames since he was a young kid first game he played was Halo CE on the original Xbox. He always wanted his gaming experience to be competitive and humorous. Fast forward a few years and he plays R6S on PC at an amateur level and stream a variety of games mid afternoon on weekdays and midday on weekends.

  • Dante 'Poyzii' Jackson

    Twitch Streamer

    Dante is a 19 year old University student studying economics, aspiring pro league player, he loves the strategic aspect of rainbow six siege and aspires to be the best he can both strategically and mechanically to win tournaments or get those dank highlights on stream always for the boys. He is a highly motivated and dedicated person that hopes to make a career out of gaming; he's always grinding to be the best person he can be in and out of gaming hopes you will follow his journey